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Advantages of Group Heli Skiing

One of the best ways to enjoy your heli skiing trip is as part of a group. Whether you choose to share the fantastic experiences that heliskiing offers with friends or family members, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life and have more fun than if you chose to do anything else. And that’s not all. When booking as a group, you are likely to receive some extra ‘goodies’ from your heli ski operator.

Most service providers in the heli ski industry are thrilled to close a deal with a larger or smaller group of people as compared to individuals and more so with organized groups, because it makes their job so much simpler. Instead of worrying about filling a minimum number of heli skiing places, operators can focus more on impressing you and carrying out all of their other tasks flawlessly in these situations. What is more, you will be rewarded for convincing your close ones to join you, in the form of discounts and special bonus services. Heliskiing BC.

If you are a group organizer, meaning that you wish to take full responsibility for your crew, you can arrange a meeting with a representative from the company you will be skiing with where they will tell you all you need to know about your time spent at the lodge and on the slopes. Also, you will be able to discuss the skill level of the group so that suitable arrangements can be made even before you arrive at your destination. This will enable you to waste less time planning once you get there and enjoy more heli skiing.

Should you however manage to gather a larger number of people interested in getting the ultimate sporting experience, then private group heliskiing is what you’ve been looking for. Private heliskiing is the equivalent of a VIP experience, giving you exclusive access to a helicopter, your own personal guide, unrestricted runs every day if the weather is favorable and elite lodging in a five star private chalet. Basically anything you need will be at your disposal, 24 hours a day, and will be made available for your group’s personal use only. If you are not yet convinced, start asking your friends for their opinion and check their reactions. As they will certainly be positive, have a look on the Internet to see specific operator offers, what their packages include exactly, and which alternative offers the most facilities for the best prices.

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