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An Anticipated Season

We're only on winter's doorstep, and already the season is looking big. First and foremost, it's already snowing here in British Columbia. Neither the resorts, nor the backcountry helicopter or snow cat skiing tours, have opened yet. Yet, in some select areas, people have already shredded the first lines of the 2010-2011 season. Even though the snow really hasn't started falling here in the Northern Hemisphere, excitement is filling the air. The ski film premiers have started up in earnest, already packing local theaters full of skiers and snowboarders.

When the snow finally starts to fall, Revelstoke, B.C. will be one of the best places to take advantage of it. The champagne powder is always deep and dry, and the western slopes of the Canadian Rockies scream big mountain lines. For those fortunate to have booked a tour with Mica Heli Guides, more than 177,000 acres of terrain that puts the rest of the world to shame will be at your fingertips. Mica has everything you could ever want, from big steeps and wide powder bowls, to crazy pillow lines and more. It’s all there, and all abundant.
While the helicopter gives you access to some truly spectacular tenure, it comes with its negative aspects as well. Chief among them is down days due to weather. The same weather that mixes the moist Pacific Ocean air with cold Arctic drafts can also make for some nasty flying weather. Not content to let their guests bore themselves in the lodge for half their vacation, Mica has crafted an operation that has achieved an incredibly low 1.5 down days on average per season.
The first thing they've done is built their lodge right in the backcountry on their territory. This puts them two minutes flight time away from their main valleys. The lodge is also perched 1,140 meters above Kinbasket Lake, which means the helicopter is taking off above most of the normal weather systems. On those few days when the helicopter still can't fly, the operation takes guests heli skiing among the gladed trees above the lodge. For these reasons and more, Mica's tours are always in high demand. So make sure to book soon and reserve yours.
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