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Benefits of Heli Skiing and Heli Boarding

For those who just began to wonder and to gather information about heli skiing, this sport may look a little risky, highly costing and without some really benefits except, maybe, the wildness and the beautiful landscape that surrounds the places where the runs are made. But the truth is not exactly like this and heli skiing gained a second name of “the most extreme way of skiing” because of this. In other words, skiing with the help of a helicopter is mostly for those who love to have great adventures. Heli skiing

out in the backcountry of Canada offers a chance to get away from the legions usually found at ski resorts. With heli skiing you don’t have to backup lift lines up or race to get first chases, and fresh tracks will not have disappeared by 9:30 in the morning as it usually happens on a ski resort. At ski resorts you may find slops rather than slopes. At the higher elevations often achieved with heli skiing, the snow conditions are generally superior. So, compared with the common ski resort areas, heli ski is highly superior and cannot even be compared. They have different targets and different ways of practicing, even if both are involving skis. heliskiing Canada

Backcountry touring requires a lot of knowledge, skill and equipment. As most heli skiing is guided, you can largely depend upon the expertise of the guides for route finding, avalanche mitigation and radio communication. As you can figure by yourself, the presence of a guide is highly required for all those who want to go up on the mountains, since the avalanche and injuries risks are very probable. But, with a good trained person to lead you trough these dangerous situations, the experience will be totally amazing and will start in you an entire wave of adrenaline and emotions. heli skiing Canada

Heli skiing land tenures are usually importantly larger than cat skiing areas, so there are more chances to find great quality snow and fresh tracks. Also, helicopters are less restricted than snowcats in the matter of the terrain they can access. Helicopters can get right up to the really wizardly terrain. Unfortunately, the costs are almost double, but it totally deserves. The quality of the experience is much better than anything you ever encountered until then and the healthy benefits of inhaling that fresh air will be seen in only a couple of days, especially if you are a smoker.

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