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The Big Ones Are Biting

Revelstoke, British Columbia is a fair-sized ski town set on the picturesque slopes of the Canadian Rockies. Once the snow starts falling, visitors from all around the world descend on Revelstoke for the amazing heliskiing opportunities here. But when the snow isn't falling, there is still plenty to do. Fishing is one of the more popular diversions during the summer time. It is popular because of all the different opportunities to fish for your favorite species. Fly-fishing creates for numerous chances to visit remote mountain lakes. Or, for those that prefer trolling and casting bigger lakes, Revelstoke and Arrow Lake hold some big ones. Just recently, a 24-pound trout was caught in the Arrow Lakes area. Dolly Varden is one of the many types of trout that makes its home there. Coincidently, Lake Revelstoke held the world record for a Dolly Varden that also weighed 24 pounds.
Revelstoke is great fun for all types of summer vacations. Hiking and mountain biking are a few of the more popular activities. There is also whitewater rafting, golf, as well as several heritage and cultural sites. While Revelstoke has plenty to offer during the summer, the area is particularly suited for skiing. More specifically, it is very well suited for backcountry skiing and snowboarding. The best place in Revelstoke, if not all of B.C. and the world, is Mica Heli Guides. Their exclusively small group tours operate on a staggeringly immense 177,000 acres of prime B.C. backcountry.
Based from their luxurious and secluded backcountry lodge that is located right on their tenure, Mica offers a truly amazing experience. Every one of your favorite backcountry features is there, from tree skiing and ridge riding to steep chutes and powder bowls. Some of their more impressive features are the pillow lines. These are part of what has made Mica the destination to make ski and snowboard films. If you want in on the great action, book soon before Mica's tours fill up. Powder catskiing
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