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Bird Watching In Revelstoke


Revelstoke, British Columbia is a great place to enjoy the wilderness. The backdrop of the Canadian Rockies sets the mood with its large snowcapped peaks in the distance. With all kinds of forest, waterways and open terrain around, living with wildlife is a daily occurrence. One of the more pleasant animals that abound here in Revelstoke is the birds. All sorts congregate here year round. The species that can be found here include sparrows, northern harriers, wigeons, herons, mallards and many more. Some of the best places to see birds in this area include the Columbia River Flats, the Illecillewaet Green Belt and even all the way up on the summit of Mt. Revelstoke. Summer is indeed a great time to visit. Not only can you see numerous types of wildlife, but also it is the perfect time to explore and spend time outdoors soaking up the fresh mountain air. Powder catskiing.
Of course Revelstoke is more well-known for its winters than its summers. That’s when all the snow starts to cover everything, turning the foreboding mountain reaches into glorious powder bowls. While there is some good terrain amongst the controlled confines of the resorts, the best skiing and snowboarding is in the backcountry. The Canadian Rockies, as well as the Selkirk and Monashee ranges surround Revelstoke, permitting no shortage of backcountry to explore. However, there really isn't a point to exploring anything besides the tenure of Mica Heli Guides. Their tenure covers 177,000+ acres of prime shredding territory on the western slopes of the Rockies. With plenty of glaciers, steep chutes, endless bowls and perfect pillow lines, Mica offers it all. Best of all, there is plenty of virgin territory if you’re looking to hit some first descents. If you only settle for the best of heliskiing, book now for a truly epic vacation.


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