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The Challenge of Heliskiing

Heli skiing is more than just a sport. It is a challenge to overcome adversity and have tremendous fun while doing it. It provides an enormous adrenaline rush and it is one of the toughest extreme sports there is. You basically go up a mountain with a helicopter (mainly because the peak is utterly inaccessible by foot) and you drop down and try to ski down the mountain, without breaking any bones in the process.

Heliskiing is best done in a group. That way, the costs of the helicopter are lower and a person has, well, more chances of survival. Note that this sport cannot be practiced without a lot of training, both physical and technical. There are many things one needs to take into account before going on a heliski trip. First of all, there’s the location. There aren’t many countries which can support nice heliskiing trips, so choose wisely. We strongly believe Canada is the best place to go, especially between January and April. The places look untouched by mankind, but there is always help close if you need it. This leads us to another matter we want to address here, things to carry with you. heli skiing Canada

When going to heliski, every little detail gains tremendous importance. The outfit must provide enough warmth and it must be as resilient as possible. Also, always, and we do mean ALWAYS carry a transceiver with you. You never know when an accident is going to happen, so you always need to be able to call for help. Food and water are also things which should not be left behind. However, you need to be careful and extremely attentive to how you pack them, as you don’t want your package to hinder you in any possible way.

Make sure the resort you choose has good communication facilities and that there is always a guide around. Study the place where you want to heliski, as you do not want to have any surprises. When you will be speeding down that mountain, you won’t have time to plan a route, so you should do it in advance. heli skiing BC Canada

Heliskiing is the best possible answer for those who want to combine their love for snow and winter with their need for adrenaline and danger. Do try it, but only after you’ve made sure you are ready.

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