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Comparing cat skiing with heli skiing

For those who never tried one of these two experiences, and cat skiing seems to look the same, with the only difference in the way of transportation. Actually, the difference is bigger than at a first view and, by far, the winner is the heli skiing. heli skiing

Unfortunately, the principal disadvantage of heli skiing in front of cat skiing is the higher cost of a trip of this type. Cat skiing is less than half the cost of heli skiing so some people call it “poor man’s heli-skiing”. But, for sure, if you want a bigger experience, heli skiing deserves every cent of the entire cost.

Another disadvantage of heli skiing is that the helicopter can’t fly in bad weather days, since the pilot needs to see exactly where he needs to land and he can’t just approximate. From this aspect, cat skiing can be practiced no matter if the weather is good or bad. Yet, in some countries such as New Zeland or Chile, snowcats can’t go outside on bad weather either. The biggest disadvantage here is that you want to go out and ski exactly when the powder snow is just falling. But with the helicopter you will need to be patient and wait a little if you want to do this. Look at the bright side: the powder from the places you will get with the helicopter will last longer and will have the same freshness as the powder snow from lower regions. heli skiing BC Canada

You get a bit of a rest between runs where you can relax when you go with the snowcat, warm up and dry out in the vehicle. You don’t have to share the cat with other groups (unlike with heli skiing) so you can leave a back-pack in the machine with snacks and drinks, and if someone gets tired, they can always sit out for a run.  But, again, here intervene the beauty and wildness factor. Nobody would want to stay inside when outside there is so much beautifulness. canada heli skiing

As a conclusion, heli skiing in Canada is mostly a sport designed for those who like to risk, to continuously slop on the powder snow and to do extreme things. Cat snowing is mostly for those who prefer relaxation instead of being out there and feel in every moment the snow going over their shoulders. After all, this is only a matter of tastes, both sports offering great advantages and sensations.

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