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Cool And Refreshing Summer Fun


Revelstoke, British Columbia is great place to experience all of the different outdoor activities available here in B.C. every year. Summer wouldn't be complete without some sort of fun on the water, and Revelstoke has plenty to offer. Tackle the rapids of some a number of the glacier-fed rivers, either in kayak or whitewater raft. Spend a day motoring in the glorious expanse of Arrow Lake, or head to one of the numerous alpine ponds for some spectacular freshwater fishing. If you enjoy spending a day on or near the water, then there is guaranteed to be something cool and refreshing for you to do.
If you prefer the adrenaline rush of whitewater rafting or kayaking, the Illecillewaet River is your best option. Or, if you'd prefer to leave the adrenaline out of your system, there are plenty of breath-taking tours and excursions on the Columbia River, as well as in the Upper Arrow Lake area. There are also several alpine lakes that are fabulous for fishing, but also provide a nice quite spot for a bit of swimming and a picnic. For the anglers thinking of making a visit, there are a wide range of species and locations to explore. Fly-fishing and float tube fishing are among the most popular ways to hook something. No matter how you do it, there are plenty of fish to be had, as this area is still virtually untouched by recreational or commercial fishing. Helicopter skiing Canada
Of course, if you visit during the summer, you can't help but notice all the vast and beautiful mountains that are constantly in view. These mountains are what draw most people to this area, albeit during the winter when they are covered in that special substance more locally know as B.C. champagne powder skiing. The best backcountry in these parts is the tenure of Mica Heli Guides. This professional and world-class outfit draws skiers and snowboarders of all ages and abilities from all over. With extremely knowledgeable mountain guides that not only keep you safe, but also show you the best parts of the 177,000+ acre tenure, you'll get the best ride possible.


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