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In Deep Powder

To any heli skier or boarder, the obsession with powder and big mountain slopes is a powerful one. There is something strangely perfect about carving up a powder bowl. The sound as you switch back and forth, left to right, down the mountain is quite mesmerizing. The rest of the world falls away as your sole focus becomes the big mountain line ahead of you. For years we've been awed and inspired by skiers and snowboarders taking it to the next level as they bomb crazy slopes with insane pitches. With the right terrain, and the right powder, you too can create your own perfect session. Obviously, the professionals must kick it up an extra notch, but that doesn't mean popping a little ten-foot jib won't make your day. Whether you like to maintain both feet on the ground at all times, or whether you like a little air beneath you, the backcountry will always have the imagination of powder lovers. No matter your style, it's a treat just to be out in some of the most remote territory on earth, sharing the incredibly amazing scenery with your friends and family.

Far out there, but not too far, is Mica Heli Guides. Sitting on over 177,000 acres of prime B.C. backcountry, Mica Heli Guides is the elite tour operator in all of Canada, if not the world. Since the cat skiing and snowboarding world caught on a few years ago, all the major film crews and professionals have made their way to Mica. The powder is so consistently deep that it isn't really fair to Mica’s competition. Combine that with terrain features that make even seasoned professionals smile with awe, and you'll see why Mica is the prime place for heli skiing bc and boarding. Don't miss out on experiencing the best for yourself this year and book now!
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