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Does Accessibility Matter

When booking your heli skiing trip, you might want to think about more than getting the best price for the most number of days on the slope. Following the rapid expansion of heli skiing operators all across Canada, and particularly as remoteness is a key factor in this sport, accessibility has become a major issue. Of course, you might be tempted to book a holiday at a lodge only 5 minutes away by helicopter from a spectacular mountain, and the bargain price will definitely have its say in this, but ask yourself, how will I get there? The helicopter won’t come and pick you up from the nearest town in most cases, so if the lodge is too far away from a main highway you might find yourself in a bit of a trouble.

Also, even if the operator is located in an easily reachable area, take the time to consider how exactly you will reach it. If you live in Canada or the USA, you might consider going somewhere closer to you, or at least choose a region close to an airport, preferably one that operates flights from a location near your home. Land transport can be quite slow and will be highly affected by bad weather, so make sure you use it as little as possible. Heli skiing BC Canada.

If you have the money to spend, you can arrange a helicopter pick up from the airport to the lodge, but apart from being quite expensive, this alternative is also restrictive in terms of the luggage you are allowed to take in the aircraft. So consider your travel options and decide whether that ‘bargain’ does not actually mean spending more money on additional services. And apart from wasting money, what you least want is to be spending your precious time waiting for your connecting flight or for a train or coach stuck somewhere along the way.

There are many guides and websites on the Internet that could help you choose the shortest route to your dream vacation, based on your current location and travel preferences. However, if you have lots of time to travel, you may find the whole experience of getting to your booked heli skiing lodge quite enjoyable. You can choose to stay in some other resorts on your way there, as part of the holiday, and you may meet some interesting people or make superb memories even before actually stepping onto the fresh powder snow at your heliskiing Canada destination.

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