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Down With Down Days

Heliskiing is the most exciting way to access the backcountry, but it isn't without its problems. Chief among them is when inclement weather grounds the helicopter. Just like that, your expensive vacation, whose whole purpose was to skip the lines at the lift to hit awesome terrain, has turned into a glorified game of cards in the lodge. If you're visiting an operation like Mica Heli Guides, considering how luxurious the lodge is that might not be so bad, but you still won’t be satisfied. That is why you absolutely must book with Mica.
Mica offers you packages that barely suffer from down days, as they boast only 1.5 down days per season on average. Several things contribute to that awesome statistic, but it all starts with lodge. Specifically, the fact that the lodge is perched in the backcountry, and 3,700 feet above the Kinbasket Lake, provides several advantages. Not only does this give you relaxing seclusion and awe-inspiring views, but it means that you and the helicopter are already there, and it’s just a quick flight to get started. Less flying time means more skiing for you. It also allows less ways for bad weather to mess things up. The fact that the lodge is already high up means that while there may be a valley cloud keeping all the suckers down in town grounded, you and the helicopter are already above the problem. However, the main reason is due to the way Mica's tenure is situated, giving access to the main valleys even when elsewhere isn't looking so good. Should that inevitable storm swoop down while you’re visiting, great skiing is still available to you with a trip in the snow catskiing. Mica has done some light glading on the terrain surrounding the lodge, which yields awesome tree skiing even if the helicopter can fly. This and many more reasons have led skiing professionals and enthusiasts to place Mica at the top of their favorite list of heliskiing locations. So say down with down days, and book now for your own slice of the action.


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