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Extreme snow sports practiced in the whole world

There are many extreme snow sports practiced around the world. We will shortly present all of them in the rows below, so that you can choose what fits best for you. heliskiing

Snow bike consists of going down the snow at high speed (up to 100 km / hour) riding a mountain bike, so the protections are almost the same as in mountain biking.  It is a test and although it decreases dramatically at speeds very fast, falls tend to be warmer than on land, so the risk of injury is significantly lower.  The only way to train is on snowy mountain roads.  Another form of snow bike is snow bike without wheels.

Snow stoot is similar to a bicycle, this "device" replaces what would be the two wheels on two "tables", the techniques of control downhill and displacement combinations would be used both in cycling as snowboarding.  The possibilities of jumps and "tricks" are almost limitless giving great opportunities. heli skiing BC Canada

Snow shoes basically consist of the feet placed in a ring with a central frame on which we rely in addition to preventing the collapse.  Its special design increases the separation between the legs, which makes them required to walk a short period of adaptation.

The places to go for walks with rackets are plain, always snowy and easy to navigate.  Snowy forests, deep valleys, roads or trails it is all the philosophy of this sport. canada heliskiing

Ice climbing is a high-risk sport of ice although the technique is unique in that progression using artificial clamping elements than those of rock.  The boots are equipped with crampons sharp barbed spines and with two front and in your hands, take axes, hammers, axes or maces called traceless short. It must be practiced in the coldest months of winter; there are many paths to practice ice climbing, especially on the north side of the mountains.  Also, waterfalls and rivers that freeze in winter, but they must be accomplished climber and accompanied by a guide.

Heli ski is one of the toughest sports there as it can go from large glaciers to tree skiing and significant inclinations, where the conditions and terrain can vary greatly.  In addition to changing light snow and soft, hard crust and whipped by the wind between the two circumstances endless variations. So, that makes this sport should have extensive experience in conventional ski resorts, including the big ones.  It must also be able to move from a blue to a black track without hesitation, it is also important to keep several years skiing.

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