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Facts about Heli Skiing Safety

Heli skiing and heli snowboarding are no more dangerous than other high energy involvement sports, and less so than some usual activities. Nevertheless, they are thought provoking and call for physical skills that are only found out over time with practice. The sports demand some underlying risk, but in some amount, it is that risk that lures most heli skiers and riders to follow up on this sport. canada heli skiing

Death rates had in different activities are sometimes difficult to be compared because of dissimilar ways of carrying exposure to risk. But still, they have made a top of the most risky sports around the world. Let’s see some statistics of heli skiing compared with bicycling and swimming. While the heli skiing numbers of fatalities for 2004 are only 45, there have been registered 900 for bicycling and more than 2,900 for swimming. So, for heli skiing fatalities per days of participation rate (per million) is 0, 79, while for the other two sports is 1.26 for swimming and 0, 38 for bicycling.

Though there is no statistical signification to the dates above, it helps to pop the question of a perspective: The National Safety Council points out in the Injury Facts, the 2005 Edition that 46,200 Americans died in motors and vehicles accidents in 2004; 5,900 pedestrians were killed in the same year; 6,700 died from falls from one level to another or on the same level (excludes deaths from falls in moving vehicles) (2004); 3,600 died from poisoning by solids and liquids, gases and vapors (2004); 31 died from lightning (2004); and 34 died from tornadoes (2004). heli skiing BC

So, according to all these dates, it seems that heli skiing is not anymore one of the most dangerous sports that is practiced in the world. It is safer than swimming, bicycling, driving your vehicle or walking on the street. Above all these, the sensations obtained by practicing them can not even be compared, since you will get way more adrenaline while you will climb on a mountain and launch on a slope than staying on a bench in the ark. The memories of a heli ski vacation will sure last longer than any other ordinary moment that you will encounter in your lifetime. Also, the guides that are coming with your group on the mountain will assure that nothing will go wrong and there is no risk of avalanche. heli skiing Canada

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