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Heli Skiing and Visibility

This is a defining an issue which is not too much discussed in the classes of heli skiing technique. The visibility is linked to weather conditions and has a great influence on our way to ski. Understandably, as in any other form of "circulation", the heli skier must adapt their speed to the prevailing visibility conditions.

With a clear cloudless day, we tend to ski faster, because we see a larger open field in front of us, especially if no other skiers or obstacles are on the track. These also influence our visibility.

We often have the goal to which we turn in sight- the drive from the ski lift, cafeteria, bathrooms-and this is going to pack unconsciously towards it, especially if the powder is in good condition. heliskiing BC Canada

In these situations unless we take the track and where the terrain allows it, we practice a ski closer to the straight line, with an intense sense of speed that produces a certain euphoria linked to the secretion of adrenaline.

Most skiers think these are ideal conditions for skiing, although we could also say that in reality they really are ideally, if we have only that day for heliskiing.

In poor visibility conditions, such as situations of snow, fog, when you will have less visual advance, this is going to make skiing in the present with our eyes nearly the height of the skis. We conducted a leisurely ski with short turns and closed.

The attention that we are unable to spread around us, we will turn to feel the short we did. We will need to use our ability to feel our body, and do the exact movements that we are transmitting. It is therefore a perfect opportunity to ski "fine" to correct errors or encourage maximum symmetry in our movements. canada heliskiing

In heli ski you need to be very aware since you will not have any place for errors. You will have to be mentally focused, and may not have feelings or thoughts other than the instant of the gesture control that arises from the precise contact with the snow. The rate is imposed as marked by a pitch. The heli ski feels intensely and you will have quietly alert reflexes.  The feeling is very difficult to express in words, since it is a form of "meditation," I consider it very enjoyable and I think it must be tried at least once in a lifetime.

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