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Heli Skiing is Better than Resort Skiing

There are quite a few differences between skiing at a resort and heli skiing, but two of them kind of take the cake. First of all, during an average heliskiing day, you can ski up to about 33,000 feet, as you can do up to 10 runs of almost 3,300 feet. That’s almost continuous skiing, while if you would be skiing in a place like, let’s say Aspen, you would probably go down the slope for a few hundred feet, then go back to the lift, take care of your skis and do it all over again. And trust us when we say that 33,000 feet of awesome skiing beats the living daylights out of the ski resort routine.

Another difference is constituted by skiing efficiency. The big vertical offered by heli skiing is not as hard on the body as one might think. You need to take the number of turns you have to take on an average resort skiing day and how you have to dodge dozens of other skiers. That doesn’t even compare to speeding through 20,000 feet of powder with nobody else but some of your closest friends and the guides. All of the extra turns you have to take at resort skiing will consume a lot of your energy.

Those who go heli skiing for the first time often make the mistake of taking too many turns. If you take a few moments and look at how the guide is doing it, you will notice that they are as cheap with their movements as possible. A guide will usually make about 2 turns for every 5 made by a guest.

However, if you do have to ski at a resort, our top recommendation would be to get a local to help you. If that’s not possible, try to engage a ski patroller and ask him about where and why it should be better to go. If you are friendly, you could be let in on a few secrets of the area.

A strategy which would help you with heli skiing would be to be very careful with the altitude and the weather conditions. Altitude, the wind and the sun can have tremendous effects on the snow. Always make sure you know which slopes have been touched by the elements. Heliskiing BC.

That’s about it on the matter for now. Please join us again soon for more interesting facts from the world of heli-skiing.

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