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Heli skiing as an extreme snow sport

The main problem the extreme heli skiing encounter is that the ground is not clean and therefore must prioritize security over the rate of descent.  If you want to start practicing extreme heli skiing you need to do it seriously, with a practice schedule for the sole purpose of improving the technique and achieve the maximum required of your body.

Extreme heli skiing and heli snowboarding is descend steep slopes and hillsides that grow to inclinations above 70 degrees.  Are lowered by wild lands and inaccessible, being common to use a helicopter to reach the summit and begin the descent.  One of the first "extreme skiers" was Bill Brings, who fell for the first time the Grand Teton, one of the highest mountains in the United States.

Off-piste or "free-ride" is to ski in areas not marked and dangerous slopes. In the wild places are accessed in different ways. For example, lifts, walking "approach" (with skis fitted with a special sole) or being dragged by a snow plow. The attraction is the unspoiled places descent, including cliff jumping. The helicopter takes skiers to a point that usually is inaccessible. From this they will come down with a technique identical to the off-piste. heli skiing BC

Extreme heli skiing is known as "Russian roulette of skiing." It consists of peaks to ski down to 4,000 meters. They usually have outstanding reach 60 degrees. Previously, these peaks have been scaled. It is played only a small number of adventurous skiing. Thus it happens because it is a modality that requires unusual technique and be a great climber.

Hang gliding and paragliding can be combined with skiing off-piste. Generally have more flight slopes. The skis allow fast enough to catch up the flight, although they are somewhat annoying. Paragliding can be done alone or with a partner. This way is now called "tandem flight."

Speed heli ​​skiing is known as "flying kilometer". Thus the length of the slopes used is to achieve the highest possible speed. This is quantified by means of devices placed at the point of greatest slope. It can reach 50 degrees. It was a demonstration sport in recent editions of the Winter Olympics. heliskiing Canada

The acrobatics are also called "hot dogs". Trampolines practiced in ready. Consist of performing somersaults that can reach ten feet. Artistic and acrobatic skiing is an Olympic sport since 1994. This is divided into three modes, one of which (the "bumps" or potholes) is related to these jumps. The remaining two are the ballet and the jumps themselves. The judges scored the takeoff (air), the execution of the figure (shape) and landing.

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