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Is Heli Skiing Worth Paying For

A friend of yours may have told you about heli skiing or you might have read about it out of chance when looking to book your next ski holiday and you instantly thought it would be a fantastic way to spend your winter break. Then you saw the average prices charged by operators across the world and reconsidered your liking of the sport. If you are asking yourself why anyone would pay up to a whooping $1600 for a single day heli skiing, you probably have no idea what you can get for that kind of money.

Of course, depending on what is included in the package (e.g. a certified mountain guide, food and beverages, accommodation or skiing gear), the period you want to go in, the number of skiers in a group, or the number of days you want to book, you can buy a heli skiing holiday for much less than that. However, you have to know that the difference in price when compared to a resort ski holiday will not go to the operators’ bank accounts in the form of profit, their expenses are indeed that much higher. You have to remember that operating and maintaining helicopters and other pieces of machinery, hiring and training professional guides and offering comfortable to lush accommodation in premium locations are all very pricy. Heliskiing BC.

All these being said, do not assume that the more expensive the package the better the experience you will get. Try to book early and look for bargains, but be suspicious if a holiday is too cheap. You may end up staying in a not very reputable place, being transported with ancient helicopters that will make you fear for your life or be unable to eat any of the food you will be served. So if you decided you really want this, start making some savings and you can be sure you won’t regret it.

If money is indeed a major problem, make sure to prioritize your needs and put heli skiing on the list of things to do in your lifetime, even if only once. Any skier you will ask can testify that it is a life changing experience, and it will leave a lasting impression on you. If you do have the money though, but are not sure whether they will be well spent this way, think about up market resort holidays, where you would pay similar prices for nothing really, compare it with flying in a helicopter like celebrities, getting similar levels of service and gaining priceless memories, and decide for yourself. Canada heli skiing.

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