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Heliski Legends: Tim Emmett

Every sport has its heroes. Basketball has Michael Jordan, baseball has Babe Ruth, football has Pele and Diego Maradona, ski jumping has Adam Malysz, Formula 1 has Sena, but heli skiing also has its heroes, even though they are less hunted by the media. One such hero is Tim Emmett.

A legendary practitioner of heliskiing, Tim Emmett made good use of his outstanding innate abilities and is recognized world wide as one of the best heli-skier in the world. He has nominated and won numerous awards, including the very prestigious Piolet D’Or. Tim Emmett is one of the best practitioners of extreme sports to ever come out of the United Kingdom. We say extreme sports and not heli-skiing because Tim has also made a name for himself in rock climbing, ice climbing and alpine climbing. Besides that, Tim is also renowned for his BASE jumping, Para Alpinism and WIngsuit Flying performances. And if you think that’s it, you couldn’t be further away from the truth, as Tim Emmett is also one of the forefathers of Thailand Para Alpinism.

Indeed, Tim looks like he will be one of the best in the world at anything he sets his mind to. But what’s so awesome about him is that he managed to keep his reputation immaculate and stay away from public scandals. Famous sports players make the front pages of tabloids more often than they get into sports papers, but not Tim Emmett.

“Believe in strengths, work on weaknesses, pursue dreams and find whatever it is they’re looking for. Boundaries are only formed by a limitation of imagination,” Tim Emmett stated. This is his philosophy and this is what he tells

But even though he is not one to appear in the press when it is not necessary, Emmett has made quite a few appearances on TV. He is a renowned TV presenter, he has appeared on very successful TV shows like The Ultimate Climb and Top Gear, and he has also made his own documentary. Heliskiing BC.

Tim Emmett is really one of those people who can inspire others into trying to repeat his performances. Life wasn’t always kind to him, but he managed to pull through and become one of the best in the world. The man managed to hone his amazing skills and complete them with a good personality. This is why we believe Tim Emmett is one of the best heliskiers to ever ride the slopes.

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