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Heliskiing – Safety First

Every skier and snowboarder loves that feeling of fresh powder beneath them. The semi-weightless sensation as you flow down the mountain is so enjoyable, that we mindlessly start to move into the backcountry, looking for those perfect tracks. One of the more popular ways to access the backcountry is with a helicopter. While heliskiing the backcountry is perfectly safe, you can't just charge through it any which way you want, as you might do at your local resort. For that reason, if you are considering a Heli Skiing BC Canada vacation, you need to consider the safety protocols and staff that will run your tour. 

Here in Revelstoke, British Columbia, Mica Heli Guides not only offers some of the most spectacular backcountry terrain, they also boast one of the best safety records around. That isn't something that happened by chance, and it is worth reviewing what makes them known for providing world-class operations. First off there are the helicopters and pilots. The pilots that fly for Mica are all high hour, accident-free mountain and rescue pilots. As for the helicopters, they are all regularly serviced by full-time licensed maintenance engineers to the exact standards set by the Canadian Ministry of Transport. Once you've gotten to the drop off point, then the guides take over. All guides are professionally trained and certified, with multiple years of experience in the backcountry, at Mica and around the world. They are all members of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides and/or the International Federation of Mountain Guides. They also continually take courses and training sessions to keep up to date on the industry’s best practices. Finally, each guest gets a safety course before skiing. This covers how to use all the advanced safety gear that Mica provides each guest, like transceivers and the SnowPulse - an airbag like backpack that is proven to greatly reduce the chance of being buried should you be involved in an avalanche. All of those safety systems would be useless, however, if it wasn't regularly reviewed. Mica is a member of HeliCat Canada, and as such must undergo regular inspections of all safety systems and procedures. Cat skiing
Given how safe Mica is, and how epic the whopping 177,000 acres of world-class backcountry terrain is, there should be nothing keeping you from enjoying the vacation of a lifetime. Book now, as tours are already filling up! Be sure to start planning your adventure at Heliskiing BC Canada.


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