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Heliskiing and Inclement Weather

Going into the backcountry with the aid of a helicopter is one of the greatest inventions in the history of skiing. It is certainly the premier way to get truly spectacular lines. However, the surest way to have a heliskiing vacation ruined is if the weather turns so bad that the helicopter can’t fly you into the backcountry. This is one of the most important factors to consider when booking your next vacation. Also to avoid that unfortunate problem, be sure to book your adventure with Mica Heli Guides, located in Revelstoke, British Columbia. The way their terrain is situated has yielded them an incredibly low 1.5 down days [per season] over the last eight years. That is truly an incredible feat, and it is but one of the many reasons Mica is the place to go for Heli Skiing.

Mica's tenure is located near Revelstoke, B.C. in the Canadian Rockies. It covers an immense swath of great skiing terrain, covering more than 177,000 acres. This vast landscape offers steep chutes, naturally gladed tree runs, alpine bowls, and of course seemingly endless amounts of fresh, deep, champagne powder. However, not only does Mica offer the location for any perfect winter-sport dream, it is also situated in such a way that Mica is able to avoid many down days due to weather. There are several features of Mica's tenure that allow it to achieve this great track record. First there are a lot of ice fields nearby, keeping the temperatures a bit cooler than they would be otherwise. What is also key to this pristine landscape is the orientation of their many valleys, which shelters them from particularly nasty storms. Obviously no one can control the weather, so down days still occur, but don't worry, Mica still has great skiing to offer. Instead of going backcountry in the helicopter, you can head out in the snow cat skiing. This way you can guarantee that no matter what, you'll always be skiing, if you book your vacation with Mica Heli Guides. Heliskiing
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