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Heliskiing is not for the Weak of Heart

Skiing is one of those sports that offer a lot of opportunities to all categories of people, whether novices or experiences skiers. Skiing starts with safe slopes that only feature slight inclinations and are suitable even for small children, and ends with catskiing why is more advanced as it is practiced on untouched slopes. It can easily be considered to be an extreme sport if you consider all the dangers, and like with all extreme sports getting to the starting point requires cannot be done by using traditional transport options. This is why the most exclusive and sought after catskiing slopes can only be accessed by using helicopters and this is basically how the term heliskiing was born. Heliskiing was first introduced as an option for the rich and famous as the rates were pretty much inaccessible to most people. Today, the situation is entirely different and mostly anyone can enjoy heliskiing for a pretty affordable price. The adrenaline rush that skiers get from heliskiing was reason enough for this form of catskiing to become a possibility in numerous regions of the planet.

The regions that are most famous for their heliskiing opportunities include British Columbia, some regions in the United States and of course numerous others in Europe. Canada, however, was the first destination for snowcat skiing and it still remains today because it has all the perfect ingredients that can provide an unforgettable experience. The best time of year for catskiing largely depends on what region you intend to visit. In Canada, for example, the heli ski season lasts from January until mid April. Of course, there are a number of operators that offer their services to customers in December because of the high demand. Avalanches are one of the biggest risks of cat skiing, and companies specializing in offering this service take a lot of safety precautions to minimize the risks. Also, getting an expert guide to accompany your group on the trip is a great idea. The pilots of the helicopters that take clients to the most remote regions receive special training that enables them not only to negotiate the rough weather conditions but also in emergency landings and evacuations.

Relying on accurate weather predictions is also very important, as this information helps minimize any risks of triggering avalanches or getting stuck in remote regions due to harsh weather conditions. In terms of prices, there are numerous options that make it possible for people with varying budgets to enjoy heliskiing. Most companies in this sectors offer minimum verticals that are usually more than enough for first timers, but they also offer the opportunity to climb higher for an additional cost. With the attention this sport has received in the past decade companies offer full vacation packages that range anywhere from three to seven days or even more. Customers are treated like royalty, and service packages include everything from transportation and lodging to daily meals, parties and more. Since the safety of customers is a very important issue, customers have to carry certain essential equipment including avalanche survival kits, first aid kits and more.

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