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Less Than 80 Days

With each passing day, December 11th draws closer and closer. That is the day that Mica Heli Guides starts their first tour of the 2010-2011 skiing season. Heliskiing with Mica is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Their tenure stretches over more than 177,000 acres of the prime backcountry here in British Columbia, Canada. They are located on the western slopes of the Canadian Rockies just north of Revelstoke, and offer exclusively small-group tours. 

Small-group tours really provide the best way to head into the backcountry. You and your family or friends will be accompanied by one of their professionally trained and certified mountain guides as you tour through their eight different valleys. Each valley has something different to offer, whether it be steeps and ridge riding, or pillow lines and alpine glaciers. The tree skiing in their acres of old-growth forest is spectacular, providing good fun if the snow conditions higher up aren't cooperating.
However, one thing that always seems to cooperate with Mica is the weather. Thanks to the orientation and location of their main valleys, the helicopters are rarely grounded due to bad weather. It also helps that their lodge is located right on their tenure, perched over 1,000 meters above the beautiful Kinbasket Lake. That means the best runs are only about a two minute flight away. While Mica is able to boast an unbelievably low 1.5 down days on average per season, that means there are still a few days each season were it would be irresponsible to take guests out in the helicopter. To avoid this nightmare, Mica has a snow cat boarding on hand for just such days. With the gladding that Mica has done around the lodge, the tree skiing there makes for an excellent time.
Mica's terrain and snow are world famous, drawing regular visitors, ski and snowboard professionals and film crews all season long. Their tours have limited space, however, so if you're looking for a great heli skiing BC Canada vacation this year, book now before you lose your spot.
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