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Managing Heliskiing Groups

One of the main concerns of those going heliskiing for the first time is that they will end up joining a group of much more experienced skiers. Similarly, for those who consider themselves to have quite an advanced skiing level, being forced to wait up on novices might not be their idea of a perfect holiday. Luckily, heli skiing operators are very aware of these issues and try to fill groups according to the ability level of their guests rather than based on any other considerations, so that everyone can enjoy the trip at a pace they feel comfortable with.

However, apart from the skiers’ skills, there are a few other issues you should know about if you are interested in how a heli skiing group is formed. First of all, the mountain guide in charge for planning the following day’s activities decides upon the slopes that are to be descended and checks out the abilities of every individual staying at the lodge. Next, according to the distance between the slope and the lodge, the altitude of the peak and the number of skiers, picks the appropriate type and number of helicopters to depart the next morning. This determines the number of individuals in a group, depending on the maximum weight supported by each helicopter.

Once the group numbers have been decided, people with the same or similar ability level can be selected to join them. If possible, individuals’ preference for a specific guide is respected and so is the desire to ski with one’s own group of friends. Nevertheless, do not expect to be allowed to join your friends if they are experts and you are on your first heli skiing trip. Not only are you more likely to get injured that way, but you will also get in the way of both your friends and especially others who do not even know you. Thus, it is in everyone’s best interest that you stick to a group within your own limits. Heli skiing BC.

Of course, the best option for anyone who is fearing either not being able to cope with the other group members or being too advanced for them, or getting separated from the group he/ she is on holiday with, is to book the trip together with friends or relatives who have comparable skill levels. In order to find out what the maximum number of members in a group should be, you can contact your preferred operator and ask about their helicopters’ weight capacity.

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