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Mica Heli – Head And Rotors Above The Rest

Revelstoke, British Columbia is a world renowned backcountry skiing and snowboarding destination. Until someone comes up with a better way, your best options for hitting the backcountry anywhere involves traveling in a helicopter or a snow cat skiing. In fact, 95% of the world's catskiing and heliskiing happens right here in British Columbia every year. Here in Revelstoke, the best terrain you can find is the tenure of Mica Heli Guides. They also have the best service, as well as an impeccable safety record, all of which puts them head and shoulders above any of their competition.

In truth, the competition doesn't have much of a chance. With over 177,000 acres to their tenure, Mica Heli has features that looked like they've been ripped from the best mountains of the world. With elements of the Swiss Alps, the Coast Range, the Alaskan wilderness and the Himalayas, the best is all right here. There are glacier runs, steep fall-line tree runs, pillow lines, powder bowls and alpine valleys galore. The reason skiers and snowboarders leave the tame confines of the resort is to get more snow – more fresh tracks, and more vertical. In both cases, Mica has you covered. The snow falls so deep and consistently at Mica, that they are able to boast an incredible 1.5 down days per season. That's how good the weather is. If you happen to be there for those unlucky 1.5 days, Mica has plenty of runs near the lodge that are easily accessible with their snow cats. As far as vertical goes, there is plenty of that to go around. Even their basic tour gets you a minimum of 4,500 meters per day. You can upgrade that to unlimited vertical anytime you visit. If you book now for one of their tours in the first part of the season, you’ll get the first tastes. If you’re looking for the best of the best, visit Mica and see for yourself. Heli skiing BC Canada


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