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Mountain Biking in Revelstoke B.C.

Summer is still going strong here in Revelstoke, British Columbia. What better way to pass the remaining time until winter, than by mountain biking? There are an insane amount of trails crisscrossing all of Revelstoke, and the surrounding mountains. You could bike a new trail every day from now until winter, and never bike the same trail twice. Heli Skiing

  There are trails and biking activities for all levels. From true alpine biking that can take you above 7,000ft., to more tranquil rides along the Columbia River and through the greenbelt park here in town. If you've got the time, and a good friend to drive your car back down, explore Mr. Revelstoke from the summit on down. Another highlight is the Beaver Lake trail that highlights many of the different types of ecological zones here in Revelstoke. If you want some company, there are weekly group rides for women and men. Heliskiing

 For the more adventurous biker, there is also heli-mountain biking. Easily access the mountain alpine, and take a guided tour to pristine mountain lakes. Obviously, if you have the money to do both heli-mountain biking and heliskiing, things are great, but if you only have the money for one, consider coming back to Revelstoke in the winter. British Columbia has such great snow year in, and year out, that over 95% of the world's heliskiing and snow catskiing occurs here every year, and the Canadian Rockies won't disappoint.

 If you want to experience the best that B.C. has to offer, your only choice is Mica Heli Guides. Their exclusively small-group operation covers approximately 178,000 acres. That means more powder than you can ever ski in a life time. With runs that can drop 5900 feet, you get first tracks that go on and on through steep fall-line tree runs, down steep ridges, and across bowls of sweet white champagne powder.

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