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Necessary Clothing and Gear for Heli Skiing

Whether you have already booked your first helicopter skiing or heli boarding holiday or you are planning to do so in the near future, you are probably wondering what the most appropriate clothing would be and what other equipment to take with you. Heli skiing.

First of all, think about what you would wear if you were just going on a regular trip to the specific area where you intend to go heli skiing. That is exactly the type of clothing you need to take with you. It really isn’t something you can be told by someone else, it all depends on your resistance to the cold, how much you sweat and, why not, how fashionable you want to look. Any material will work, as long as it is water and wind proof and it lets your skin breathe sufficiently. One word of warning though: if you normally tend to overdress, as you feel that excessive warmth is better than risking being cold, you will probably be better off if you refrain from doing so.

It is unlikely that you will be too cold while skiing, so only use the necessary amount of layers to feel comfortable while standing still. If you are not sure about what would be ideal for you, it is recommended that you take some easy to remove or put on over clothing should you need to do so. Heliskiing.

In terms of accessories, you must always wear ski goggles, warm gloves and a hat. Make sure that the hat fits you well and that it cannot be blown away by wind, by the speed of skiing or by the helicopter propeller. This is why baseball caps are the worst kind of hats to wear for heli skiing and we strongly advise you to avoid them as much as possible and choose a simple wool hat instead. In addition, if you are going skiing on a sunny day, you must not forget your sunglasses, securely strapped around your head, and some high protection sunscreen. You really do not want to end your heli skiing day having a burnt nose and clear signs of where your goggles or sunglasses have been.

In addition to these, you may find it useful to have a shovel with you and plenty of hydration, but keep in mind that you will be carrying anything you are bringing for the whole day. Most heli skiing operators hire professional photographers to take plenty of snapshots or videos while you are enjoying your time, so bringing your personal camera may not be necessary. Heli skiing Canada.

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