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Powder In Your Face

Heliskiing is one of the best inventions after buttered toast. Combining speed and ease for access to tons of untouched snow, just waiting to be charged, was surely a stroke of genius. It was further genius that started offering heliskiing tours here in British Columbia. With some of the world's best mountains, and arguably the world's best snow, it's no wonder that 95% of the world's heliskiing and catskiing occur here every year. While there is snow cat skiing available all over the province, some areas are better than the rest. One of those areas is the terrain in and around the town of Revelstoke. This great vacation town nestled among the Canadian Rockies is an outdoor lover's paradise, no matter the time of year you come. However, it is in the winter that Revelstoke truly shines. That’s when the warm moist air driven inland from the Pacific meets the cold air coming down off the heights of the Canadian Rockies. When the two meet, magic happens. The result is that soft fluffy concoction called B.C. powder.

When that powder starts to fall in earnest towards the end of November, visitors start flocking to Revelstoke from all over the world. If they're planning on doing a bit of heliskiing Canada, they're invariably headed for the tenure of Mica Heli Guides. Aside from being one of the top rated operators as far as service and safety, Mica is the place to go because of its terrain. That terrain consists of more than 177,000 acres of peaks, chutes, ridge lines, powder bowls, and gladded forest. What is available at Mica is a vast collection of miles and miles of perfect, untouched snow. This means that as you carve back and forth, with nothing but unscathed terrain in front of you, you'll undoubtedly end the run with a bit of powder on your face. That silly grin you’ll be wearing won’t move anytime soon. With miles of excellence, unlimited vertical and professional assistance, if a book with Mica, you’re in for a truly unforgettable experience.


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