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The Red Fish Return To Revelstoke

Every year around this time, one of the largest marine migrations in the world takes place. The return of the salmon to their birth place in order to mate drives entire ecosystems. While some of us may enjoy them as a meal, everyone enjoys watching their journey. Here in Revelstoke, and indeed pretty much all of the north west of the U.S. and Canada, autumn is marked by the intensity and beauty of the salmon run. While it is an enduring example of the cycle of life, and makes for a great day outside, for skiers and snowboarders it signifies something else important. Namely it means winter is on its way, and with it, the cycle of water and weather which dumps insane amounts of powder here every year.

The only thing to do once the snow starts falling is to head into the backcountry. The best backcountry in Revelstoke can be had on the tenure of Mica Heli Guides. Their tenure is situated just outside of Revelstoke, on more than 177,000 acres of mountain paradise. Offering exclusively small group tours, Mica is in a class of its own when it comes to heliskiing. Anyone that visits always wants to stay longer, whether they are skiing professionals that have seen the best the world has to offer or your average snow enthusiast. From the incredibly varied terrain to the impressively deep snow that falls every season, you will be left wanting more.
Set in Mica's exclusive lodge, which is only accessible by helicopter, your heliskiing vacation is guaranteed to be the envy of all. Better yet, if you choose Mica as your destination, it will probably also be the most successful in terms of sport. This is because on top of Mica's excellent service, knowledgeable guides and excellent safety record, Mica boasts a super low 1.5 down days per season. Nothing ruins a great heliskiing vacation like bad weather. However, thanks to the weather patterns and the layout of Mica's tenure, the weather rarely keeps the helicopter from flying. So, if you want to start this year's snow cycle off right, book now with Mica before their tours fill up.
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