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Revelstoke B.C. - Mountain Biking Heaven

Revelstoke, British Columbia, is a world renowned skiing and snowboarding destination. Unfortunately, there is only enough snow for December through April. This leaves champagne powder lovers with the question of what to do in these seeming endless days of sun and balmy weather. Mountain biking is not only the typical answer, but one of the best answers here in Revelstoke. Revelstoke has so many trails available, you could take your bike out every day of the summer, and still not see them all. From basic to advanced, easy to adventurous, there is something for the whole family. Heli skiing BC Canada

 There are trails covering all altitudes, with some offering access to the rarified heights above 7,000 feet. Not only is this a great ride, you get to see some of the great terrain available for skiing in the winter. Come now to see what the mountains are like when they aren't covered in white gold, and start imagining what it will be like in a few months. If you've convinced yourself to come back, and honestly it shouldn’t be that hard given what a great place Revelstoke is, the best way to experience the great backcountry here is via the helicopters of Mica Heli Guides. The world-class skiing and snowboarding available on their more than 177,000 acre tenure is, in a word, epic. Heli Skiing BC

 As the years go on, heliskiing has become more and more popular. Everyone these days seems to be heading into the pristine landscape of the British Columbia backcountry mounted on the blades of a helicopter. So, what makes Mica worth the money? Well for one thing, they're almost always running their helicopter. While the helicopter opens up some truly fantastic skiing and snowboarding opportunities, it suffers from one defect: the helicopter can't fly if the weather is acting up. This is where Mica has you covered, as their terrain has several areas whose weather patterns have allowed Mica to boast an incredibly small 1.5 down days per season over the past seven years. If you're ready to see why everyone is going backcountry in the helicopter, this is the year to do it, and Mica is the company to show you the way. But make sure to book now, as their exclusively small-group tours are already filling up fast. Cat skiing

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