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Revelstoke Brewery Wins Gold

Revelstoke, British Columbia isn't the same old ski town that you find dotting the mountain ranges of North America. While it still classifies as a ski town, after all, thousands of visitors descend on the town every winter, Revelstoke has many other activities and interests. One of them is our very own Mt. Begbie Brewing Co. They've been brewing their delicious beers here in Revelstoke since 1996. One of their new beers, the Nasty Habit IPA, just won gold at the 2010 Canadian Brewing Awards. The beer took top prize in the English India Pale Ale category. Heli ski
Should you visit Revelstoke in the coming winter, make sure to try any one of their many savory concoctions. You can find their beers in the store as well as in many of the local pubs and bars. Revelstoke has quite an interesting night life, whether you want blood pumping tunes at the club, or a relaxed dinner and drinks with friends.
In addition to the night life, there are many heritage and culture sites. Of course, there are always those typical outdoor activities everyone enjoys enjoy. If backcountry heli skiing and boarding sound enticing, then make sure to check out Mica Heli Guides. This operation runs exclusively small-group heliskiing tours on their privately owned tenure, which is located just north of Revelstoke. Covering more than 177,000 acres of spectacular mountain heights, sharp crags, alpine valleys and more, their terrain is as unique as it is varied.
Combine all that jaw-dropping territory with the loads of deep dry powder that falls here in B.C. every year, and it is apparent why Mica has become a world famous operation. With the ski season just around the corner, now is the time to start planning the perfect vacation. Not only will you get to ski or snow cat skiing some of the most amazing lines out there, you'll also get to experience what a remarkable town Revelstoke is. If you're ready to shred the slopes and celebrate life, perhaps with a cold pint of Nasty Habit, book soon before Mica's tours fill up.
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