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Revelstoke From Up High

Since it is still summer, and a few months left until the snow starts to fall in amounts that let us ski the slopes around here, you'd think the helicopters used for heliskiing are sitting quietly in their hangers. This is not the case. The reason is because Revelstoke is an amazingly beautiful place to explore no matter the time of year. So, those same helicopters that ferry eager backcountry skiers and snowboarders into the beautiful reaches of the Monashees, Selkirks, and Canadian Rockies are currently carrying eager summer explorers on a tour of Revelstoke from up high luxury mountain resorts.
Heli-hiking has numerous benefits. First and foremost is the scenery you get to see. It used to be that in order to reach the high mountain tops that surround Revelstoke, you had to heft a heavy pack and walk through the forest for days. Now thanks to the helicopter, you can get there in minutes, and you can take the whole family along. Can you imagine anything better than a day spent on top of the world as you and your family take a nice picnic on the sides of a remote alpine lake? Not much in this world is better than that. The helicopter also provides access to the many glaciers hidden high above the valley. Wandering the immense sheets of ice is a truly unforgettable experience, and something any outdoor lover must encounter.
Now, once the snow does start falling, those helicopters will turn their attentions to the skiers and snowboarders making their way to the epic backcountry here in Revelstoke. Those lucky enough to make their way to Mica Heli Guides will be particularly satisfied with their choice. Set on more than 177,000 acres of world-class backcountry terrain, Mica Heli offers exclusively small group tours. Their terrain is known around the world, which means their tours fill up fast. So, be sure to book now for your perfect heli skiing Canada vacation.
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