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Safety Tips For Choosing a Heli Skiing Operator

Over the past 50 years, heli skiing has continuously improved its professionalism, growing into one of the safest industries. All over the world, hundreds of operators pride themselves in offering top quality standards in terms of both the experience offered and safety. The majority of regulations are put in place by Helicat Canada, and if you want to make sure you will be in good hands while on your heli skiing holiday, you should inquire whether the company you will be skiing with is a member of this organization or whether they follow its codes of practice. This is because while the majority of operators will have your safety as their main concern, there are still some who are more interested in making quick money, disregarding many rules in favor of profit.

Some of the features you should look after when you arrive at the lodge, to completely dismiss any safety concern you may still have, are the state of the helicopter and certifications of pilots and guides. New or excellent condition helicopters are the first signs of a customer focused operator. Next, pilots who have a wide experience not only in flying that particular type of aircraft, but flying it in the specific mountain conditions should make you feel sure that nothing will go wrong, at least until you get to the drop off point. Finally, if the operator employs certified and highly qualified mountain guides, you can trust them to get you through the day and back to the lodge in one piece. The most prestigious qualifications you should look for in guides are the ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) for Canada and UIAGM (Union Internationale des Associations de Guides de Montagnes) for Europe and some other countries. Heli skiing Canada.

Professional mountain guides will give thorough consideration to the possibility of an avalanche taking place. This is why they will be constantly on the watch for changes in weather or the quality of the snowpack. They will work together with other operators in the region to ensure you have the time of your life while also keeping you safe. Individual observations made by each guide are inputted into a shared information system available in each region and every piece of information will be put to good use when it comes to offering clients the utmost levels of safety.

Therefore, as long as the operator you have chosen provides all of these and you follow the rules they will set for you strictly, you have no reason to feel threatened in any way. Canada heliskiing.

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