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Summer Fun in Revelstoke B.C.

Tell someone about British Columbia, and odds are that if they've been there, it was for the snow. Come see what all that snow looks like in the summer from the 175 meter lookout tower above the Revelstoke Dam. The dam's reservoir covers more than 11,500 hectares, and is one of two generating dams in the series of four dams that regulate the Columbia River in B.C.

The Columbia River Treaty, signed in 1964 with the U.S., led to the creation of the other three dams: Mica (the other generating dam), Hugh Keenleyside, and Duncan. The dams provided sorely needed flood control for both Canada and the U.S. They've also allowed for the creation of serious amounts of hydroelectric power. Mica has a capacity of 1,736,000 kW, while Revelstoke has a current capacity of 1,843,000 kW. If expanded to its full capacity of 2,764,500 kW, the Revelstoke Dam will be the largest hydroelectric plant in British Columbia, beating the current champion on the Peace River by slightly less than 350,000 kW. Cat ski

If you prefer to experience the beauty of nature, as opposed to man's imposition on the natural environment, Revelstoke is still a premier summer destination. Miles upon miles of hiking and biking trails exist. There is also plenty of fishing and boating. If you prefer something even more tranquil, then check out Revelstoke's 18-hole golf course on the banks of the Columbia River, which features views of the Monashee and Selkirk Mountains in the distance.

 Of course, don't forget to come back during the winter for some skiing and snowboarding. If this is the year you're ready to leave the lift lines behind, go heliskiing with Mica Heli Guides. Located near the Mica Dam, but only accessible by helicopter, this premier heliskiing company will provide you with a white winter wonderland in which to play exclusively with your friends. Come and experience the best of Revelstoke B.C. Whether it's now or later, you won't be disappointed. Heliskiing Canada


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