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Technology in Heliskiing

Technology is becoming more and more advanced by the day. In modern times, mobile phones can be used to plan a heli skiing trip. In modern times, satellites along with good webcams can show you where tree stashes remain the same and where they have been cut down. In modern times, top computers can help skiers find the top snow.

A lot of ski resorts are already using radio frequency identification device systems to track lift tickets. And ever since last year, lift tickets from many resorts in Colorado and California are uploading various ski statistics into the EpicMix systems, which uses radio frequency identification systems to record your entire ski trip and puts the info into applications which can be used in an incredible amount of ways.

For all those control freak parents out there, the system can show where their children are spending their skiing vacation. Meanwhile, skiers can easily view and even share their whole ski experience through the most popular social networks, like Facebook or Google +. However, the problem is that if you don’t pay enough attention, all of your Facebook friends will know what you really did when you were supposed to be “out sick”.

This whole technology implementation into heliskiing is like a chain of dominoes and you never know when ski resorts will start trading with information packages that provide real time data on the number of present skiers, the state of the slopes and many others. You could see groups of skiers bent over a lift, you could view how many people can reach the back bowl and many others.

Sure, this may not be looming just around the corner, but who knows what will happen. After all, we did put a man on the Moon, so real time info on various slopes may not be so far fetched. A few years ago, people would laugh at you if you told them your car has an application that can monitor and predict traffic information, nowadays, you can have real time waiting lines posted which will let you know which lifts are the busiest. Heliskiing BC Canada.

Technology is rapidly becoming an important part of heliskiing, and a lot of people believe it would only hurt the whole experience.

That’s about it on the matter for now. Please join us again soon if you want to learn more about heliskiing and innovation.

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