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Tips on equipment and safety for heliskiing

The best candidates for practicing heliskiing are those who already have some large experience in practicing normal skiing or snowboarding. Actually, the perfect ones for practicing this sport are those who are good or very good at the previous mentioned ones. While most of those who are providing heliskiing service are segmenting their groups on categories such as “well experienced” and “beginners”, so based on the level of experience, not all of them are providing such professional services.

 To beneficiate of a well planned heliskiing experience you should book in advance the trip, not only because in this way you will have time to prepare for it but also because this is a very wanted adventure and it is possible to not find a free place. heli skiing BC Canada

 All groups, no matter if they are experts or beginners, have a personal guide and should listen carefully to his or her instructions, even if sometimes they look a little strange. He or she is trained to do what is better for the group especially in wild places that are a subject of avalanche risk. Depending on the level of the group, the guide will choose some of the most challenging chutes and valleys or more easily slopes.

 Like the traditional skiing or snowboarding, the heliskiing asks for some special equipment that will protect you from harm or cold. Keep in mind that this sport is being practiced in extreme conditions and that there are several dangerous that may appear across your adventure. Waterproof pants are a must have and a windproof and waterproof jacket is also needed. Since the hands are the most exposed at cold, being extremities of our body, some good quality warm gloves are absolutely necessary. To ensure you can always keep your body to the right temperature you can dress in layers. This is a very popular method among those who are practicing every type of skiing, not only the heliskiing.

 Traditional boards and skis are working perfectly well in heli skiing conditions. But there are also some special powder skis that can improve a lot the overall experience, especially when we talk about speed, stability and ease of use. Most heliskiing providers are offering also some professional powder ski equipment but it is better to ask first if they are providing such services.

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