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True Mountain Biking In Revelstoke

Revelstoke, British Columbia is situated in the Canadian Rockies near the Monashee and Selkirk Mountain Ranges. In the winter this is prime skiing and snowboarding territory, but in the summer, the receding snow lines offer up numerous other outdoor activities. One of the more popular activities is mountain biking. In Revelstoke, you can put as much of the mountain into mountain biking as you like. Prefer a leisurely ride around the town's greenbelt or along the Columbia River? That can be easily arranged and done. If you prefer the emphasis on mountain, several challenging options are readily available for your enjoyment. Revelstoke offers a truly diverse biking experience. One day you can be biking through Fernie’s inland rainforest, while the next you might choose to make your way up to the still snow-covered peaks. Have you ever been mountain biking before, and had to dismount in order to cross a stream. Here in Revelstoke, the question is whether you've had to dismount to cross a snowy slope or glacier.

While mountain biking is great adventure in and of itself, where Revelstoke truly shines is in its backcountry skiing and snow cat boarding. The mountains here are unbelievable, especially when covered in that famous B.C. champagne powder. Obviously, the best way to get into the backcountry is with a helicopter. However, perhaps not so obvious is with which tour operator. We have your answer, Mica Heli Guides. At over 177,000 acres, their terrain is immense, and you can't truly internalize that immensity until you've completed carving your way down their runs, some of which last for more than a mile. Just as good as the terrain is the service. Both at their exclusive lodge, which is only accessible by helicopter, and out on the slopes, Mica knows what you want, and knows how to give it to you. If you're ready for the heli skiing BC Canada vacation of a life time, book now before space runs out.


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