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Unlimited Vertical And Terrain

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One of the key metrics by which to judge a heliskiing operation is the amount of vertical available to ski on the average day. Any operator will give you a nice number that probably doesn't mean much as your sit at home planning your trip, but if you're going to pay all the money to go heliskiing why be restricted? At Mica Heli Guides you don't have to worry. First off, they offer tours of small groups only. With so few people sharing the helicopter, the only on who will be waiting is the pilot at the bottom of the mountain. Now the question that still remains is how many times up and down you can go. Mica offers you the ability to get unlimited vertical with your tour, meaning you'll be skiing as long as you want (within the reasons of safety of course). Even better, if you book your trip with one of their first nine tours of the year (December to the beginning of January), you get the unlimited vertical option for free. Combine that with their impressive tenure, which covers more than 177,000 acres, and you not only have access to unlimited vertical, but unlimited terrain as well. Mountain lodge spa


Unlimited vertical is something that Mica usually reserves only for its private tours, but in an effort to offer the best experience to everyone, they're offering it on all tours for this limited time. While all the tours that Mica offers are phenomenal, the private tours are truly worth the extra money. While a surplus of guides and quality service are all well and good, how about the opportunity not just for fresh tracks, but first tracks. Heli ski Canada.  Mica's terrain is so enormous that there are still plenty of runs that are completely untouched by a human, and you get the chance to name your own. With all the unlimited vertical and terrain combined with their picture perfect lodge [only accessible by helicopter], you’ll begin to see why skiing professionals and enthusiasts alike prefer Mica.


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