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What To Do In Case of Bad Weather

Nobody likes bad weather while on holiday, regardless of how this manifests, and for heli skiing it is fatal. We mean fatal in two ways: first, if you are unfortunate enough to be caught on the slope by a storm, you might get deadly injured and second, predicted bad weather can ‘kill’ any chance of you enjoying your day heli skiing.

You really cannot mess with the weather, the countless victims it has made and continues to make sadly testifying this. So if your operator informs you that conditions are not appropriate for heli skiing on one particular day, do not resent him/her. Your health and safety are worth much more than a wasted skiing day, as expensive as it might have been for you. A clear sky and deep fluffy powder are no doubt an ideal, but it is almost impossible to only experience this for the full length of your heli skiing holiday, even with operators famous for low numbers of down days. Canada heliskiing.

In the unlikely event of the other extreme happening, which is having constant bad weather throughout your stay, preventing you from doing the guaranteed amount of skiing, you should be able to get a refund from most companies. Some heli skiing operators also use snowcats as a back-up plan. In some cases the weather is good enough for skiing to take place, yet not appropriate for helicopters taking off, and as such the cats can be used to get to the slope. Such an example could be the presence of fog, which does not affect skiers to a great extent, particularly if the path is free from trees, but it could influence the helicopters’ ability to land in one piece. Snowcats on the other hand will have no problem with fog and so could be exploited until weather becomes clear again.

If snowcats are also rendered useless by the state of the weather, or if the company you are skiing with does not provide them, there are still plenty of things to do away from the mountain. This can be your chance of relaxing and recovering in between intense powder days or getting to know the other people at the lodge better. Whether you choose to unwind in the hot tub or watch a movie alone, or play a game or share a drink with others, be sure to make the most out of your free time, you might not get another chance at it in the near future. Heliskiing BC Canada.

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