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While The Bears Are Sleeping

In few months time, the bears will be sleeping. Unless you’re currently studying bears, or have a particular affinity for them, this is probably not a terribly interesting fact. However, if you're an avid skier or snowboarder, it does signify something much more noteworthy: if the bears are sleeping, it means winter has arrived. Of course that means that Revelstoke, British Columbia is covered in beautiful white snow. With the arrival of winter, tours into the vast backcountry of B.C. commence. One of the best ways to access that backcountry is with a helicopter, and the best way to do it here in Revelstoke is with Mica Heli Guides

Mica Heli Guides is one of the world's premier heliskiing destinations. Their terrain impressively covers more than 177,000 acres of the best backcountry in the Canadian Rockies. Mica's tenure is covered annually by 42-66 feet of snowfall. This means you always get fresh tracks, and better yet, fresh snow. This makes all of the bowls, tree runs, glacier runs and pillow lines that much better. Then there is the vertical. Mica has runs that drop a mighty 5,900 feet. Given their small group tours, you can do it all over again once you reach the bottom. Heli Skiing Canada
Exclusively small group tours are one of the more important reasons to choose Mica. Not only do you get more skiing time, you get more personal service from the professionally trained and certified guides. This means the tour is driven by your intimate group’s desires. You’re not forced down the same tired routes that everyone else has already seen. Instead, the tour is tailored to the needs of you and your friends or family. If you want something truly unique, book a private tour and you'll not only get first tracks, but first descents as well of which you get to name. If you want the best tour on the best terrain possible with one of the premier operators in the world, book now with Mica before this year's dates sell out. Take advantage of what the sleeping bears are missing. Mountain lodge spa
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