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World Snowboard Day 2010

Last year, the world celebrated Snowboard Day in 34 countries, and in over 130 events. This year awaits the even bigger and better. Organized by the World Snowboard Federation and Eurosima, 2010 will mark the fifth celebration of World Snowboard Day. This year more than 40 countries are expected to participate, and more events are being added to the list every day. Anyone can register an event, as it needs only to provide a free activity to the public to help promote the sport. The idea is for everyone and anyone of any age to enjoy the day, learn about snowboarding and support the sport.

The actual date for this year is December 19th. That is just one week after Mica Heli Guides starts their world famous tours of the backcountry near Revelstoke, British Columbia. If you're looking for your own special way to celebrate World Snowboard Day, nothing beats shredding it up on Mica's unforgettable tenure. It's spread over more than 177,000 acres on the western slopes of the Canadian Rockies. While there will be competitions and many other events held as part of the cause, nothing quite beats actually carving up the mountain yourself.
You won’t find a better place anytime of the season to get big mountain snow catskiing and boarding than with Mica. The terrain is vast, varied and covered in deep, dry powder. It's not just any powder; it's that special brand that can only be found here in B.C., Canada. When you get down to it, that's what hitting the backcountry is all about: untamed acres of champagne powder. With an annual snowfall of 13-20 meters, powder is what you’re guaranteed to get at Mica. Their exclusively small-group tours never fail to impress, which is why pros enjoy filming there all season long. Many of the tours for this year are already sold out, so book soon if you want the best in heliskiing BC Canada found yet.
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