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British Columbia

"It's Deeper at MICA!"

With yet another meter of fresh snow this past week, the skiing is epic!  "This is the deepest powder I've ever skied" (New Years guest). Mica Heli has been running full capacity as many of our guests and the top pro-skiers know, this is the place to be! Check out the special offer for our guests at the bottom of this letter!

The White Gold Rush

  “There is gold in them thar hills”. I’m not certain where that phrase came from, it’s been a century since Western Canada’s last “great Gold Rush” brought hoards chasing the dream, but it strikes a chord in me every time I hear it. In the last decade another “rush” has surfaced in British Columbia – the rush to open up BC’s backcountry skiing, the rush for “white gold”.

Helicopter Ski Lift Delivers Big High at Mica Heli Guides

In the winter, when the air is cold and the snow is fresh, Jim Smith, managing principal for Kensington Realty Advisors, starts to hear the call of the wild. It makes him pull out the ski equipment, call up old friends, grab his wallet and head to remote mountain peaks in faraway places like Mica Heli Guides. Because for ski bums with money, there’s no better way to satisfy winter’s call than a week of heliskiing, snow’s most exclusive, most expensive sport.

Mica Heli and Liliequist Win Powder Magazine Best Line Award

In 2008 Powder Magazine awarded Sverre Liliequist won the prestigious “Best Line” award for his segment in the Swedish Posse film “5 O’Clock News”.    Sverre beat out lines from Alaska, Russia and Bella Coola with his first decent of “The Harp” now called “Lilie’s Harp” at Mica Heli Guides in Mica Creek, British Columbia.

Mica Heli Guides Wins Ski Canada Award for Heli Assisted Touring

Revelstoke, B.C. Canada  Mica Heli ski guides won the Ski Canada award for “Best Half & Half” for their helicopter assisted touring package.

Mica Heliskiing opens up 3700 acres (1500 hectares) of new terrain for 2010

Revelstoke, BC Canada – Mica Heliskiing has announced the opening of another 3700 acres (1500 hectares) of new ski terrain within their 250,000 acre operating area.

Mica Heli Guides Specialize in Getting Skiers To The Best Spots

 Despite Recent Reports of Fatal Avalanches, Heliskiing Remains A Popular Winter Pastime For Many Thrill Seekers. B.C. Companies Like Mica Heli Guides Specialize in Getting Skiers To The Best Spots While Adhering To the Strictest Safety Standards 

Helicopter skiing deep powder in ski bc

Helicopter skiing is is off-trail, downhill skiing that is reached by a helicopter, not a ski lift. Sometimes considered "extreme skiing," . Helicopter skiing can be a great opportunity for most skiers, but read on for more information about helicopter skiing and how your helicopter skiing experience can be safe and enjoyable.

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