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When to Book Your Heli Skiing Trip

How to Decide Whether You Are Good Enough for Heli Skiing

Heliski Legends: Tim Emmett

How to dress when you are heli skiing

These boots are made for heli skiing

Why is a shovel important for heli skiing in Canada

Extreme skiing, a question of names

Heli skiing as an extreme snow sport

The main problem the extreme heli skiing encounter is that the ground is not clean and therefore must prioritize security over the rate of descent.  If you want to start practicing extreme heli skiing you need to do it seriously, with a practice schedule for the sole purpose of improving the technique and achieve the maximum required of your body.

Facts about Heli Skiing Safety

Heli skiing and heli snowboarding are no more dangerous than other high energy involvement sports, and less so than some usual activities. Nevertheless, they are thought provoking and call for physical skills that are only found out over time with practice. The sports demand some underlying risk, but in some amount, it is that risk that lures most heli skiers and riders to follow up on this sport. canada heli skiing

Extreme snow sports practiced in the whole world

There are many extreme snow sports practiced around the world. We will shortly present all of them in the rows below, so that you can choose what fits best for you. heliskiing

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