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Heli Skiing

Heli ski tricks: 360

If you already are an expert of heli skiing or you want to learn better how to do some tricks, then you came to the right place. Below you will find some tips on tricks about how to do some of the movements that you have seen at the TV.

The democracy of heli skiing

Heliskiing is not only the ultimate sensation in the domain of powder sports but also is a sign of democracy and the freedom of those who are exploring it. It started from the people’s desire to create an unforgotten adventure and not because someone decided, at some moment, to open a heli ski business.


Avalanche balloon packs used in heli skiing

Heli skiing is the ultimate frontier that can be reached by those who love to practice powder sports. Because of this, it needs more precaution plans and some more equipments than in any other types of ski. In this article we will talk a little about the necessity and function methods of the avalanche balloon packs.

Tips on equipment and safety for heliskiing

The best candidates for practicing heliskiing are those who already have some large experience in practicing normal skiing or snowboarding. Actually, the perfect ones for practicing this sport are those who are good or very good at the previous mentioned ones. While most of those who are providing heliskiing service are segmenting their groups on categories such as “well experienced” and “beginners”, so based on the level of experience, not all of them are providing such professional services.

The Challenge of Heliskiing

Heli skiing is more than just a sport. It is a challenge to overcome adversity and have tremendous fun while doing it. It provides an enormous adrenaline rush and it is one of the toughest extreme sports there is. You basically go up a mountain with a helicopter (mainly because the peak is utterly inaccessible by foot) and you drop down and try to ski down the mountain, without breaking any bones in the process.

Salomon FreeSki TV Visits Mica

Henrik Windstedt, Mark Abma, Mike Douglas and Asmund Thorsen spend a week shredding pillows and trees in some of the deepest snow of the season at Mica Heliskiing in BC

Summit NZ Freeheel Challenge

As we here in beautiful British Columbia await the arrival of our first serious snowfall, the folks down south in New Zealand are already enjoying theirs. This coming weekend, the Summit NZ Freeheel Challenge will be taking place there. This is a competition for telemarkers and ski tourers, so a different set of skiing skills will be on display than what B.C. typically sees.

IF3 2010 Starts Today

The International Freeski Film Festival kicks off today. Running until this Sunday, September 19th, the festival will feature the premiers of many films from around the world. Taking place in Montreal, Quebec, the event will highlight productions from Nimbus Independent, Field Productions, Level 1 Productions and many others. Tanner Hall will be premiering his new movie, Like a Lion. The films will be judged by JF Cusson, Neil Sotirakopoulos and Guillaume Lahure. The categories will be Open, Pro, Amateur and Webisode.

Wonders of Winter Heliskiing

Set along the western slopes of the Canadian Rockies, and surrounded by the Selkirk and Monashee ranges, the tenure of Mica Heli Guides is the idyllic mountain paradise. While most people choose to visit their tenure for the downhill skiing, there is also a ski touring option for those that aren't necessarily looking for a full on adrenaline rush. By touring with the helicopter of Mica, you get to explore parts of the backcountry that would normally require overnight stays in the wilderness and a heavy pack.

The Virtues Of A Private Tour

Private tours of any kind make you think of getting a behind the scenes look, or access to something not everyone gets to see. That is no different at Mica Heli Guides. Of their three different tour types, the Private tour is by far the best. It gives you what Good Connoisseur Magazine has called “the ultimate, once in a lifetime ski experience.”
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