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Collisions with trees and signage poles while you are heli skiing

Regarding the first cases of the classification, the heli skiing associations proposed the collision of usually sticks with separate tracks, indicate their name or shut down no heli ski areas, plus there are also hits with stands of services that are close to the lodges.

How to make marvelous pictures while you are flying with the helicopter?

If you want to practice heli skiing in Canada, than you first have to fly with a helicopter. This is the perfect moment to do some pictures that will remind you about these moments for all your life. below you will find some good tips and tricks on how to take good snapshots while you are flying to the heli ski place. heliskiing

How to take short curves when you heli ski?

Let's talk a little about short, medium and long curves, what should your attitude be to generate one or the other and what each movement brings to your heli skiing technique ... This article I hope it will be especially useful and interesting for all of you and that will help you when you will firstly go and try the skiing on powder amazing sensation. heli skiing Canada

Heli ski tricks: 360

If you already are an expert of heli skiing or you want to learn better how to do some tricks, then you came to the right place. Below you will find some tips on tricks about how to do some of the movements that you have seen at the TV.

Avalanche balloon packs used in heli skiing

Heli skiing is the ultimate frontier that can be reached by those who love to practice powder sports. Because of this, it needs more precaution plans and some more equipments than in any other types of ski. In this article we will talk a little about the necessity and function methods of the avalanche balloon packs.

The Challenge of Heliskiing

Heli skiing is more than just a sport. It is a challenge to overcome adversity and have tremendous fun while doing it. It provides an enormous adrenaline rush and it is one of the toughest extreme sports there is. You basically go up a mountain with a helicopter (mainly because the peak is utterly inaccessible by foot) and you drop down and try to ski down the mountain, without breaking any bones in the process.

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