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Is Heli Skiing Worth Paying For

When to Book Your Heli Skiing Trip

How to Decide Whether You Are Good Enough for Heli Skiing

Necessary Clothing and Gear for Heli Skiing

Why is a shovel important for heli skiing in Canada

Extreme skiing, a question of names

Who Is Heli Ski Appropriate For?

Even if all the videos of heli skiing seems amazing and give you the sensation that you would do this immediately, in fact not everybody can practice this sport. Unfortunately, in this article I have really bad news for all those who are not corresponding to the demanded conditions asked for those who want to practice heli skiing.

The democracy of heli skiing

Heliskiing is not only the ultimate sensation in the domain of powder sports but also is a sign of democracy and the freedom of those who are exploring it. It started from the people’s desire to create an unforgotten adventure and not because someone decided, at some moment, to open a heli ski business.


Avalanche balloon packs used in heli skiing

Heli skiing is the ultimate frontier that can be reached by those who love to practice powder sports. Because of this, it needs more precaution plans and some more equipments than in any other types of ski. In this article we will talk a little about the necessity and function methods of the avalanche balloon packs.

Tips on equipment and safety for heliskiing

The best candidates for practicing heliskiing are those who already have some large experience in practicing normal skiing or snowboarding. Actually, the perfect ones for practicing this sport are those who are good or very good at the previous mentioned ones. While most of those who are providing heliskiing service are segmenting their groups on categories such as “well experienced” and “beginners”, so based on the level of experience, not all of them are providing such professional services.

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