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The Virtues Of A Private Tour

Private tours of any kind make you think of getting a behind the scenes look, or access to something not everyone gets to see. That is no different at Mica Heli Guides. Of their three different tour types, the Private tour is by far the best. It gives you what Good Connoisseur Magazine has called “the ultimate, once in a lifetime ski experience.”

Less Than 100 Days Till Mica

Mica Heli Guides is the premier heliskiing operation here in Revelstoke, British Columbia. Not only are they the best locally, they are also world-renowned for their terrain, service and snow. Their exclusively small group tours will begin heading into the backcountry in less than 100 days. So, now is the time to start planning the heliskiing vacation of a lifetime.

Down With Down Days

Heliskiing is the most exciting way to access the backcountry, but it isn't without its problems. Chief among them is when inclement weather grounds the helicopter. Just like that, your expensive vacation, whose whole purpose was to skip the lines at the lift to hit awesome terrain, has turned into a glorified game of cards in the lodge. If you're visiting an operation like Mica Heli Guides, considering how luxurious the lodge is that might not be so bad, but you still won’t be satisfied. That is why you absolutely must book with Mica.

Bird Watching In Revelstoke


Social Mountain Biking

Revelstoke, British Columbia is a mountain paradise year round. In the winter, there is skiing and snowboarding, whereas in the summer, there is mountain biking and hiking. While there are plenty of awesome trails and parks to explore on your own over the summer months, one of the best ways to explore is in the company of fellow cyclists. For that purpose, every Thursday night, Revelstoke plays host to Pedal & Pint. This fun-filled evening starts at 6PM at the Community Centre. After two hours of sweet trail riding, the event heads over to the River City Pub for drinks and merriment.

Mica Heli Tours Fills Up Fast

Mica Heli Guides is the one of the premier heliskiing destinations in the world. With more than 177,000 of truly epic terrain on tap, combined with great service and knowledgeable guides, it’s no wonder that professional skiers and snow cat boarding love to visit. Powder enthusiasts of all kinds and from all over the world flock to this winter paradise each year. As a result, Mica's tour reservations fill up fast. So if you're ready to head to the backcountry this year, do it with the best, and visit Mica's incredible tenure.

Mica's tenure is undeniably enormous. It covers eight different valleys, always providing something new to explore. No matter which valleys you visit, two things you're sure to have are plenty of vertical and plenty of snow.

Powder In Your Face

Heliskiing is one of the best inventions after buttered toast. Combining speed and ease for access to tons of untouched snow, just waiting to be charged, was surely a stroke of genius. It was further genius that started offering heliskiing tours here in British Columbia. With some of the world's best mountains, and arguably the world's best snow, it's no wonder that 95% of the world's heliskiing and catskiing occur here every year. While there is snow cat skiing available all over the province, some areas are better than the rest.

Unlimited Vertical And Terrain

One of the key metrics by which to judge a heliskiing operation is the amount of vertical available to ski on the average day. Any operator will give you a nice number that probably doesn't mean much as your sit at home planning your trip, but if you're going to pay all the money to go heliskiing why be restricted? At Mica Heli Guides you don't have to worry. First off, they offer tours of small groups only. With so few people sharing the helicopter, the only on who will be waiting is the pilot at the bottom of the mountain.

New Upgrades Approved For Revelstoke Airport

Last week, the Columbia-Shuswap Regional District approved new upgrades for the Revelstoke airport. The upgrades will let more commercial flights land at the airport, helping boost tourism for the mountain paradise. Revelstoke, British Columbia is a year round draw for tourists. With plenty of hiking, biking and other outdoor activities to do during the summer, and epic skiing and snowboarding in the winter, Revelstoke is an amazing place to vacation. The upgrades will benefit many different aspects of the airport. Heli skiing BC Canada.

Exploring Revelstoke On Foot

Although Revelstoke, British Columbia is better known for its world-class skiing and snow cat boarding opportunities, there are plenty of ways to experience the mountain heights on foot as well. Hiking and climbing are two very popular activities in Revelstoke during the summer months, as the terrain is quite spectacular. With many of the mountains in the area topping 10,000 feet, you have the opportunity to hike glaciers, visit remote wilderness and climb some seriously steep pitches.

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