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Book Now For Unlimited Vertical Heliskiing at Mica Heli Guides

Mica Heli Guides, the premier heliskiing operator here in Revelstoke, British Columbia, is always offering the best. To start the season, just over four months away, off right, Mica is giving all tours access to unlimited vertical. Usually, only the private tour gets all the helicopter time it needs to access as much of Mica's tenure as possible. However, if you book one of the regular tours at the beginning of the season, you too will get all the vertical you can handle.

Rogers Pass Memory Garden Nearing Completion

Revelstoke, British Columbia is around today in large part thanks to Major A.B. Rogers. He found the route through the Selkirk Mountains in 1881, which eventually allowed the railway to reach the Pacific. To honor the history of the Pass, three steel reliefs are being constructed. One commemorates the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway, the other the construction of the Trans-Canada Highway, and the last one commemorates the tragic avalanche in 1910 that killed 58 people. The memorial will be unveiled officially for the first time on August 15th.

The Beauty Of A First Descent

Ask anyone where to go for great skiing or snowboarding, and you're more than likely to hear how spectacular the Canadian Rockies are. Then you might point out that the Rockies, even the Canadian Rockies are quite long. Therefore, to be more exact, we're talking about the magnificent Canadian Rockies that surround Revelstoke B.C. The mountains here are truly one of a kind, not to mention the special mix of weather and terrain in B.C. that creates gorgeously soft and dry powder, which has become the hallmark of the best backcountry skiing in the world.

Touring Revelstoke's Spectacular Mountains

To the avid skier or snowboarder sitting at home, counting the days until the snow falls, summer may seem unbearable. While mountain biking and hiking provide unique benefits of their own, nothing quite compares to the views you can get of Revelstoke and the surrounding mountains with an aerial tour of the area by helicopter. Not only can you experience the immenseness and serenity of the Selkirk and Monashee Mountain Ranges from a bird’s eye view, it is also a great way to see what the terrain is like before it's covered in a white blanket for the winter.

Great Backcountry Access With Mica Heli Guides

There are many different ways to enjoy the backcountry of British Columbia, but none are as exciting as an aereal adventure. Helicopter and snow cat skiing can be found throughout B.C. during any season, as 95% of the world's heliskiing and catskiing take place here every year. As for which is the best way to access the backcountry, the helicopter offers many advantages. The best helicopter operation here in Revelstoke B.C., if not the entire province, is Mica Heli Guides.

Revelstoke B.C. - Mountain Biking Heaven

Revelstoke, British Columbia, is a world renowned skiing and snowboarding destination. Unfortunately, there is only enough snow for December through April. This leaves champagne powder lovers with the question of what to do in these seeming endless days of sun and balmy weather. Mountain biking is not only the typical answer, but one of the best answers here in Revelstoke. Revelstoke has so many trails available, you could take your bike out every day of the summer, and still not see them all. From basic to advanced, easy to adventurous, there is something for the whole family.

Summer Fun

Revelstoke, British Columbia is a great place to visit. Not only are the majestic Canadian Rockies available to enjoy in any number of ways, but there are also a ton of less active ways to experience the culture here. As well as museums and heritage sites, there is live music every night during these warm summer months in Grizzly Plaza. For those looking for something a little more spontaneous and varied, there are also Open Mic nights at the Last Drop every Wednesday evening.

Winter Wonderland

With less than 150 days left until the snow starts dropping, now is the time to start imagining your winter wonderland getaway. Revelstoke B.C. is a premier destination for skiing. The reason is the perfect snow and terrain that exists here in the Canadian Rockies. While the skiing is great wherever you go in B.C., it is hard to beat the backcountry that is available here in Revelstoke. The best way to access that spectacular backcountry is with Mica Heli Guides.

The Big Eddy Pub – A Venerable Revelstoke Institution Returns

After being closed for several years, the Big Eddy Pub is under new ownership, and will be re-opening soon. However, the new management has no intention of changing what made the spot such a popular watering hole. The new owners know what they are doing; they also run another Revelstoke hot-spot, the Village Idiot. Promising to bring back the big food portions and ice cold beer that made the Big Eddy so well liked, the new owners hope to attract locals and travelers alike.

Only 145 More Days Until Heliskiing Season at Mica Heli Guides

As of today, there are exactly 145 more days until the first chopper lifts off at Mica Heli Guides. There are still dates available for the first tour, so if you can't wait any longer, now is the time to book, as many of the later tours are already full. Mica is located in beautiful Revelstoke, British Columbia.

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