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Jaw-Dropping Terrain at Mica Heli Guides

Revelstoke B.C. is an amazing winter wonderland. Blessed with mountains of British Columbian champagne powder every year, Revelstoke has plenty to offer even the most spoiled of skiers. If you really want to splurge this winter, book a tour with Mica Heli Guides. They are the premier destination for heliskiing in Revelstoke, if not all of British Columbia. And that is saying something, as B.C. is the destination for 95% of the world's heliskiing and cat skiing.

Alpine Mountain High

As the summer months plod along, the avid skier or snowboarder starts to get restless. Waiting and hoping for a huge dump of snow can take it out of you. The only cure is to get a taste of the mountains now. Revelstoke B.C. is just as incredible during the summer, as it is during the winter. The scenery is unique and breathe taking. Mountain biking and hiking will get you access to some great terrain, but the best way to enjoy the heights of Revelstoke lies in the convenience of the helicopter.

Free Live Music Every Evening in Grizzly Plaza

As we count down the summer months, waiting for that first dusting of powder that gets the heart racing, imagining what the winter will bring, the question is what to do for entertainment. Revelstoke, British Columbia has a multitude of options, in both the summer and the winter. One of the less strenuous activates is taking in the live music playing every evening in the Grizzly Plaza. You can find a wide variety of music being played there until the end of August, with a new band almost every night! Heliskiing Canada

Stoked To Get Spanked Mountain Biking Race Held Last Weekend

Mountain bikers of all skills and sizes came to Revelstoke last weekend to take part in the Stoked To Get Spanked race. The race consisted of 35km of single track and logging road. Expert bikers did the full 35km, with shorter laps for the lower levels. The race was open to the whole family, allowing everyone to enjoy the great outdoors here in Revelstoke, British Columbia.

Mica Heli Guides Reports Increased Number of Bookings for 2010-2011 Season

British Columbia is the world’s premier heliskiing destination. In fact 95% of the world's Heli Skiing and catskiing take place here every year. The reason is obvious to anyone who has already enjoyed the heaps of dry champagne powder that fall here every season. There is no better town to get your fill of powder than Revelstoke, B.C., and no better operator to give it to you than Mica Heli Guides.

Top Notch Heliskiing

These hot summer months give us plenty of time to consider what makes a good heliskiing company. There are certain intangibles like terrain that are hard to compare, even if you have experienced it. Other things like equipment, frequent maintenance, safety records, service, packages and prices are worth considering. While all those things and more are important, if you're going to pay the money to go heliskiing Canada, you want to be certain you’ll get a chance to ski.

Rocky Mountain Experience

Revelstoke British Columbia is a world-class winter destination for skiing and snowboarding. It is a also a great place to visit in the summertime, offering seemingly endless trails for hiking and biking, alpine lakes and glacier-fed rivers for fishing, as well as golfing an many other outdoor activities. One of the other interesting things to do here is visit any of the area’s numerous museums. Learn all about what it took to make Revelstoke what it is today. Helicopter skiing Canada

Rafting the Illecillewaet River

Revelstoke, British Columbia is a world renowned ski destination, but there is plenty to do in these intervening summer months as well. Some of the area’s more exciting activities include whitewater rafting and kayaking. In Revelstoke, these can be done on the Illecillewaet River. The river is glacier fed, which makes it the perfect place to spend a hot day. The river, named by the Shuswap Indians for its rushing waters, offers adventurous travelers plenty of action. BC cat skiing

Mountain Biking in Revelstoke B.C.

Summer is still going strong here in Revelstoke, British Columbia. What better way to pass the remaining time until winter, than by mountain biking? There are an insane amount of trails crisscrossing all of Revelstoke, and the surrounding mountains. You could bike a new trail every day from now until winter, and never bike the same trail twice. Heli Skiing

Heliskiing Heaven

No one knows for sure who, exactly, the first person to ski down a mountain after flying up it in a helicopter was. Most people point to Hans Gmoser, a mountain guide who exchanged the Alps for the Canadian Rockies and started a heli-skiing operation in 1965. However, there is conflicting evidence, as provided by photos in some old ski books that show heliskiing in Alaska, Wyoming, and Utah from the 1950s or early 1960s.

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